Maximum Power Transfer Solution

Proven to
•reduce energy consumption by 20% to 40%
•extend equipment useful life and lifetimes due to cooler operating temperatures
•reduce equipment operation and maintenance costs
•reduce carbon emissions, and
•provide excellent return on investment (ROI)

100 Amp (Standard)     400 Amp (Custom)


Improved power quality in buildings is very critical to protect electrical and mechanical equipment and this is the reason we use MPTS.
-Andrew Olsen, Resource Energy Manager, U.S. General Services Administration

Every ampere of current we decrease translates into reduction of heat and this is very important to us, MPTS helps us accomplish this.
– Brian, Certified Energy Manager, U.S. Air Force NORAD at Cheyenne Mountain

We were able to fund four roof-top air conditioning chillers with the savings from MPTS.”
- Daniel Dawson, Chief Financial Officer Aurora Mental Health Centers, Colorado

Maximum Power Transfer Solutions (MPTS) are next generation power quality products that decrease the electrical demand, decrease total electrical power generation (KVA), and decrease carbon emissions… without replacing existing electrical and mechanical equipment in facility.

MPTS is patented in the U.S. and 27 other countries and is a UL approved solution. US Patent 8,384,361 B2.

Customers include US Air Force, United States Government Services, Underwriter Laboratories, Kaiser Permanente, Aurora Mental Health Centers, and Clorox.

Available 3-Phase Standard Unit sizes:
225 Amps, 480V     225Amps, 208V     100 Amps, 480V     100 Amps, 208V
Custom units available by special order.

Authorized Representative:
John Toth
Associate, Perfect Power Performance

Additional information available via download and by contacting John Toth directly

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